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ISM was founded in 1988 in the city of Ayacucho by the couple Jorge Añaños and Tania Alcázar. That year they launched the first product of their company: Kola Real which revolutionized the soft drinks industry in Peru.

In 1998 they successfully opened a soft drink manufacturing plant in the city of Huaura. Subsequently, in January 2000, ISM expanded into Arequipa, and two years later the company began an internationalization process by opening two distributors in Arica and Iquique (Chile).

ISM took another giant leap in its international development. In 2005, this company opened its first manufacturing plant in the Dominican Republic and captured 45% of the Dominican market.

Focused on expansion and internationalization, the company opened its fourth manufacturing and bottling plant, the second overseas, in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.