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Corporate Social Responsibility is an approach to management based upon an ethical and transparent relationship maintained by a company with all the stakeholders with which it is associated, and upon the establishing of corporate goals that promote the sustainable development of society while preserving environmental and cultural resources for future generations, respecting diversity and encouraging the reduction of social inequalities.


In the DNA of the founders and board of ISM, three main axes have been established as fundamental to every action associated with CSR: Entrepreneurship, Family and Education. These three axes will continue to define the CSR actions of the company in the four countries in which the group operates (Peru, Dominican Republic, Brazil and Chile), where it will work together with those diverse stakeholders, both internal and external, considered priorities for the corporation.

The impact of ISM’s CSR strategy will be achieved by implementing transformation processes rather than specific projects, with work agendas defined by an approach centered on sustainable improvements in the quality of life of beneficiaries.  In order to achieve a greater impact, ISM is determined to coordinate its CSR programs with both private and public institutions, with the first partners in our activities being our workers and the communities within which our plants operate.